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Welcome to the 8th annual VQ Forum on 19 October 2017

VQ Forum brings together thought leaders and champions of change in the legal profession to discuss strategy and key developments in the legal market. This year's main theme is "Digital Transformation and Legal AI".

Ticket sales have now started with early bird discounts for registrations made prior to 30 June. Please find further information how to order your ticket under "Registration" to the right.

Internationally renowned speakers will explore the future of the legal market and how Artificial Intelligence and the new digital, divergent and differentiated environment it is changing the legal profession.

Even though we are still at very early days for legal AI, it has definitely changed from being a theoretical notion about the future to something actually being widely deployed on the legal market. The speed at which the use of AI is spreading across the legal world suggests that the overall impact of the entire legal AI sector over the next few years is likely to be a game changer.

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Learn for example about law firm Cuatrecasas's legaltech startup acceleration program Acelera and how digitalization and innovation is part of the management of the firm's resources.

Furthermore, Mats Lewan, author, international keynote speaker, futurist, consultant, journalist and research analyst focused on the future and on technology, will address the question whether digitalization is a threat or an opportunity and offer the tools for understanding the mechanisms of digitalisation and AI, how to respond and how to benefit from this fundamental change, looking in particular at the legal profession.

Emily Foges, Luminance, will also share her experience from AI projects across the world and across the legal sector, with several in-house legal teams at corporates and LPOs, as well as law firms from US across Europe, Asia and Australia.

Additional speakers will be confirmed within short. Please find further speaker information under "Speakers" to the right.

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"Thank you for a fantastic conference! Very impressed by the high international standard of the event, with such relevant and interesting speakers and an amazing moderator."

"Everything was so well organized and the event went seamlessly thanks to all of your thoughtful and effective planning. The speakers were very interesting and brought a range of diverse issues into discussion. Congratulations on putting on a splendid event!"

"Great speakers and atmosphere."

"Very good conference - can't wait for next year to begin to integrate the discussed strategies."

"A truly fantastic conference. The speakers you managed to persuade to speak were all a high calibre and provoked a lot of thought."

"Very thought-provoking and splendidly organized (as in the previous years). Thanks!"

"A wonderful event, I will certainly be coming back next year."

"The conference was very, very interesting - many ideas to take back home."

"Very Impressed! This event was central to my work and colleagues. Right up my street."

"The #1 law event in the Nordics."

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