In-house Counsel Conference 2013

Yesterday we opened the annual Swedish In-house Counsel Conference (Informa IBC Bolagsjurist 2013) with a presentation on the subject "The changing legal profession".

It turned out to result in some really interesting discussions. In-house counsels today have a great challenge in being able to manage all legal issues with existing resourcses. Their management role is becoming more important. They have to find ways to do more with less in order to be able to manage budget constraints in the same time as the legal matters are becoming more complex.

In order to manage this in an efficient way they have to diversify their approach to legal issues and handle them differently depending on whether there are strategical or operational issues, whereas operational issues must be managed in a much more efficient way. They cannot put too many resources into these matters but still they need to be handled in a professional way. That is why focus here is on standardizing, and naturally also on supportive IT solutions. This could result in standardized documents with comments or a more advanced self-service solution.  When legal counsels buy legal services from external providers for handling these operational issues, there is a focus on low prices.

The interesting question then is, how do law firms organize their work to support legal counsels in handling these operational issues in an efficient standardized way? This question will also be further discussed at an upcoming Swedish seminar on 14 March - Juristbranschen i förändring.


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