The Devil is in the Detail

Laurence Eastham refers in his blog post 'The Devil is in the Detail' to a true story on how 7,500 people buying from the Gamestation web site on 1 April agreed to terms and conditions that involved them in surrendering their immortal soul.

As Laurence Eastham concludes this is due to the fact that "Apparently, nobody reads online terms and conditions. So why are you wasting your time drafting them properly? The very fact that there is so little reference to online terms and conditions means that feedback is limited and makes it trickier for the skilled IT lawyer, raised in a culture of hard-nosed negotiation, to pitch them at the right level."

So, what can you learn from this story? Most likely any claim to a soul would not be granted in court. But the story is anyway a good reminder of the importance of details and that it is wise to actually take a look at all terms and conditions before agreeing to them. Especially on 1 April.


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