Using technology when competing

In the blog post with the thrilling title 'What you don't know can kill you' Adam Hartung discuss the real issues of using technology when competing. "All businesses compete every day. Those that learn to use new technologies are able to get more done, faster and more effectively. Those who fall into a routine of doing things the same way, and don't advance their tool set, run the risk of being knocked out of the competition."

Adam Hartung has a very precise and accurate conclusion that easily can be overlooked, which is that "Our businesses rarely get into trouble from something we know well. It's what we don't know, what we ignore, that gets us in trouble." It is far too easy to dismiss something as not applicable or relevant to you and your business simply because you are not familiar with it. This is often true to new technology. Professor Richard Susskind has expressed this in a way that is well in line with the conclusion of Adam Hartung:  "Politely it puzzles me profoundly that lawyers who know little about technologies can be so confident about their inapplicability."

Perhaps now is the time for the legal practice to fully embrace technology and the possibility that it provides to find new innovative ways of delivering legal services and to gain competitive advantages?


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