VQ Year 2012 in Review

As 2012 has turned into 2013 we would like to take this opportunity to share some of the highlights from an inspiring year - our third - with VQ, and to thank everyone that made it all possible.

VQ at the podium

During 2012 VQ was invited to speak at a number of events, including the annual Swedish in-house counsel conference Bolagsjuristen, and was nominated as one of the lecturers at the Stockholm University Master of Laws and Information Technology Programme on the Future of Legal Services.

Furthermore, VQ's Helena Hallgarn was one of the speakers at LawTech Futures, the largest legal tech event ever in the UK. At LawTech Futures, Helena Hallgarn shared her views on the development on legal services and insights on how to develop innovative service delivery by the use of technology.


Helena Hallgarn, LawTech Futures


Swedish Arbitration Portal

In May, the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) launched a new service to the international arbitration community - the Swedish Arbitration Portal. The portal is an innovative service that provides the arbitration community with free access to English translations of Swedish court decisions on issues related to both international and domestic arbitrations.

We are very proud to have acted as a partner to SCC in this inspiring project.


SCC Portal Launch Party

SCC Portal Launch Party Demo

VQ Forum - The Future of Legal Service

For the third time we arranged VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum, our annual legal conference focusing on leadership, strategy, innovation and technology trends for the legal market. This year almost 200 delegates attended the event, to receive insights from distinguished and internationally renowned speakers like Susan Hackett, Charles Christian, Chris Bull, Eric Hunter, David Fitch and others. The forum was a huge success and rendered a large interest in both Swedish and international media. Amazingly the conference was also followed world-wide via Twitter to such an extent that VQ Forum became the highest-trending topic on Twitter that day.


VQ Forum 2012 panel

VQ Forum 2012 coffe break

New book on Law Firm KM

The international anthology "Practical Strategies for Effective Law Firm Knowledge Management" was published in June with VQ as one of the contributors, providing our insights on different knowledge management strategies and models to support the core business of each law firm.

Law Firm KM book

VQ Legal - the online legal service

VQ Legal is our legal service for standard document packages. It is a new legally intelligent and efficient solution for creating all relevant documents for a specific matter with a content that is updated and quality assured by our partners Bolagsrätt Sundsvall and Elmzell Advokatbyrå, with English translations by TransLegal.

The service is widely used with several major law firms as customers and the daily use of the service has increased tremendously during 2012. This year we also prepared for the coming launch of more areas of law and established a new expert group for the development of M&A and commercial contracts law, consisting of highly reputable legal professionals.

Christina RambergElisabet WenzlaffHanna LarssonJan WidlundMagnus WittbomUlf Sallnäs

Christina Ramberg, Elisabet Wenzlaff, Hanna Larsson, Jan Widlund, Magnus Wittbom and Ulf Sallnäs in VQ Legal's expert group.

VQ Legal - the platform for knowledge banks

During 2012 we also focused quite a lot on the possibilities offered by the VQ Legal platform in projects providing customized and integrated solutions for several customers.

For example, we used the VQ Legal platform in projects both to create internal knowledge banks for law firms and to create external documents delivery directly to law firm customers via new innovative solutions.

For those attending VQ Forum, some of these projects were presented as case studies.

We have also initiated some new really exciting projects involving the use of our platform and advanced document assembly technology, to be further described onwards.

VQ Form 2012 Case Study

Articles about VQ

During 2012 several articles were published about VQ, VQ Forum and VQ Legal. Here are some of these articles:

VQ new member of Laws and Information Foundation

In December, VQ was elected member of the Laws and Information Foundation (Sw. Stiftelsen för rättsinformation). The foundation consists of representatives from authorities, associations and corporations that have an interest in promoting and facilitating the innovative use of legal information.

Legal Innovation Blog

VQ's Legal Innovation Blog is dedicated to discussing the latest issues involving knowledge management, business development and new and exciting technology developments to use for leveraging your knowledge assets. Please find here all VQ blog posts 2012.


For the year 2013, we look forward to further expansion of the online legal service VQ Legal and projects involving the use of the VQ Legal platform, other exciting consultancy assignments and speaking appearances at for example IBC Euroforum Bolagsjuristen (in-house counsel) Conference, 13-14 February 2013 and PLC Knowledge Management Forum. We are also looking forward to some inspiring travelling and conference attending at LawTech Futures in London in April and the International Legal Technology Association conference in Las Vegas in August.

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