Knowledge and Strategy Consultants

VQ is a knowledge management and strategic innovation consulting firm that focuses on knowledge leverage and business development.

Our mission is to support knowledge driven businesses to grow revenue, to improve efficiency and to drive innovation and business change.

We do this by helping you to leverage knowledge assets in your organization and by enabling knowledge management processes and systems in a robust, yet pragmatic way.

Knowledge is the core asset of any knowledge driven business. By exploiting your knowledge assets, we can show you how to drive your business development, gain competitive advantage and support improved decision making and organizational innovation.

Ultimately, we support you to reach increased profitability and achieve business success.



VQ Forum 18 October 2016 on Reinvention and Disruptive Innovation
Join us for the 7th annual VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm on 18 October 2016. This year's main theme is reinvention and disruptive innovation - from both in-house and outside counsel perspective. Register prior to 30 June to claim your 20% early-bird discount.

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