We believe that IT can be an enabler, and we want to show this in practice, by developing tools that can really support and change the legal work; tools that can make a difference.

Here are some of our innovative products developed for the legal market.

VQ Legal is an intelligent legal solution with readymade standard documents focusing on business law. This “Digital Associate” provides a new intelligent and efficient solution for creating all relevant documents for a specific matter with a content that is updated and quality assured by legal experts. It was launched in 2011 and is a well-established solution within the legal sector and is used by 14 of the 15 largest law firms, as well as by legal counsels and auditing firms. More information »

VQ Lex is a platform developed to support internal knowledge sharing for legal services professionals as well as for in-house legal departments. It is being used by several large law firms and organisations both as an intranet and a knowledge sharing platform with a legal structure.


“Legal engineering is not about the technical implementation of a particular tool but rather the realisation of the synergies that exist between tools and process re-engineering in the context of the lawyer.”

– Why Legal Engineering + Why Now? Ben Gardner for Artificial Lawyer


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