VQ Forum 2018

Welcome to the 9th annual VQ Forum on 17 October 2018

 Please be informed that this event is already completely sold out and no more delegate tickets are available! But make sure to save the date 17 October 2019 if you wish to attend next year for the 10th anniversary of VQ Forum.

VQ Forum brings together legal professionals to discuss the future of the legal market from both an in-house and outside counsel perspective. Internationally renowned speakers and champions of change will provide interesting, practical and visionary insights and explore the impact of the technological advances.

This year's main theme is Ushering in the Future of Practice of Law with a Client Centric Approach. The impact of technological advances and the potential disruption of the legal market will be explored, with a main focus on how we are bringing in the future of law which is one which has humans working with machines to produce better and more affordable services for our clients (in-house as well as externally).

How do we ensure that we develop new legal services and working processes where it is not about advanced technology for advanced technologies sake, but where it's about bringing the best people and the best technology to best serve our customers and principals? And where focus is on the user experience, with modern platforms that are designed with the user in the center, delivering on intuitiveness, ubiquity and fast performance?

Please find further speaker and program information under “Speakers” and “Program” to the right.

Please note that the number of delegates will be limited to 200 this year, to ensure the best experience and networking possibilites, so make sure to register well in advance!

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