Innovation and digitalisation of the legal sector

VQ is an innovative entrepreneurial company focusing on digitalisation of the legal sector. It was founded 2010 by two of the most experienced legal professionals in Scandinavia when it comes to combining the practice of law with IT skills.

Since 2010, VQ has developed several innovative legal solutions such as inter alia VQ Legal, a new intelligent legal solution with readymade standard documents focusing on business law. This “Digital Associate” is now a well-established solution within the legal sector and is used by fourteen of the fifteen largest law firms, as well as by legal counsels and auditing firms.

In 2017 VQ won the Swedish Legal Innovation Award for its pioneering impact on the legal market.

VQ’s blog was also the international award winner in the Clawbies Award in 2014 for being a must-read source for European lawyers seeking to ahead of legal market trends.