VQ Newsletter November 2012

This issue of VQ Newsletter is dedicated to the recent VQ Knowledge and Strategy Forum, with reports from the predictions on the changing legal market and the discussions and different views on the future of legal service. VQ Forum is our annual legal conference focusing on leadership, strategy, innovation and technology trends for the legal market. This year almost 200 delegates attended the event. Amazingly the conference was also followed world-wide via Twitter to such an extent that VQ Forum became the highest-trending topic on Twitter that day.

Keynote speaker Susan Hackett, of Legal Executive Leadership (and former senior vice president/general counsel for the Association of Corporate Counsel), set the stage, followed by a numerous of internationally renowned speakers, like Charles Christian, one of the world’s most influential legal tech commentators, Chris Bull, the highly respected strategy consultant at Edge International, award-winning law firm directors Eric Hunter and David Fitch and general counsel and former law firm managing partner Carl Östring.

Insights from Sweden’s largest survey among buyers of business law services, Regi’s survey Årets Advokatbyrå (the Law Firm of the Year), was then presented with the Law Firm of the Year awards ceremony as a grand finale of this joint event focusing on the future of legal service.

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