Merry Christmas 2015

We wish all of our customers, partners, fellow knowledge management and strategy professionals and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all positive response, encouragement, support and exciting assignments. We look forward to more inspiring contacts next year.

For us, some of the highlights from our sixth year with VQ has been the recognition by the Canadian Law Blogs Awards, the continuous expansion and exciting projects with our document automation solution VQ Legal, and all positive response and interesting discussions before, during and after VQ Forum, which was arranged in cooperation with the SCC this year and focused on legal business development.

Generally, 2015 has been an interesting year for legal innovation, business development and technology enhancements. Please find an attempt to summarize some of this year’s most interesting trends, such as the entrance of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing, the new concepts of “less for less” and “do less law”, strategic transformation of business models and expansion of service scope, “uberization” and more, with links to articles and other resources for further information, in this newsletter.

Since the legal technology landscape is so rapidly changing, it sure will be interesting to follow the developments the next year.

We will also host our seventh VQ Forum in October next year, with inter alia speaker Associate Professor Christian Sandström, who will share his thoughts on digital disruption – why it happens, what leadership mistakes made companies like Facit, Kodak and others go under and how to identify the distinct disruptive patterns before the game changing developments hits the legal sector as well. Save the date 18 October 2016 and stay tuned for more information.



Ann Björk and Helena Hallgarn