Legal Tech: Moving from ideas to execution – Legal Business World

VQ Founder Helena Hallgarn was asked to contribute to on her vision and opinion on legal tech, and her article “Legal Tech: Moving from ideas to execution” was published in the latest issue of the magazine Legal Business World (No. 5, 2020).

In the article, she explains how legal tech initiatives still centre on making lawyers more efficient in their legal work which means there is an opportunity for both law firms and tech start-ups to develop new innovative legal services giving buyers of legal services a wider range of alternatives in handling their legal issues. The legal sector has lots of ideas around this but now focus ought to be put on the execution.

“You should target your service to a specific customer group and focus on an understanding of their needs and incentives, including their willingness to pay for such service. This means trying to get a true understanding of their behaviour and motivation.”

If you are building an online solution much more emphasis has to be made on the user functionality, to really support and enhance the user. It is about making the user feel smarter. Unfortunately, this is often mixed up with building an interface to make the solution look smart.

“If the behaviour and functionality of the product is not what the user expects, it doesn’t matter if it looks pretty. No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig.”

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