VQ on the Third Generation of Legal Tech

VQ has published the article Embracing the Third Generation of Legal Tech: The Importance of Professionalizing and Specializing in the Industry in CXO Outlook.

In summary, this article discusses the legal tech industry’s shift towards its third generation, with a specific focus on resolving legal issues and enhancing customer experiences. Professionalizing and specializing the approach to legal tech is crucial to developing valuable and user-friendly solutions. ¬†However, a lack of understanding of the diverse competencies required and the traditional view of dividing individuals into “lawyers and non-lawyers” poses significant barriers to change. There are three possible tracks of skills for lawyers in the legal tech industry: legal tech strategists, legal tech lawyers, and legal tech project managers, each with their respective specializations. Collaborating across different competencies is essential for managing legal tech projects successfully and developing solutions that prioritize customer needs and outcomes.