The European legaltech scene – The Legal Technologist

In its latest issue, The Legal Technologist features ELTA’s Board Members and Ambassadors with a look back at 2019 to analyse the takeaways of another exciting year for the European legaltech scene, and to share a forecast for 2020 with insights from the various jurisdictions. VQ Founders, Ann Björk and Helena Hallgarn, were asked to provide their insights on the Swedish legal market, whereas other ELTA Ambassadors covered jurisdictions such as France, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Israel, Central Eastern Europe, Netherlands, UK, Russia, Spain and many more.

In Sweden there is a large interest in legal tech in general and many law firms are discussing and working strategically to achieve innovation and digitalisation. One of the largest law firms has even started an innovation lab to support and collaborate with tech start-ups and researchers.  So far, though, the focus for legal innovation on the Swedish market has been on efficiency and cost-squeezing, not on innovation as a game changer to provide new disruptive kinds of legal services. AI has been around for a while, with the larger law firms in Sweden all purchasing the standard AI document review tools. However, we still do not really see any AI tools being used to their full capacity, due to the time and investment needed to train them.

Read the full article here: The Legal Technologist February 2020