Cloud computing in law practice management

In the post ‘Innovative Attorneys Push Forward with Virtual Law Practice’ at the Steph Kimbro explores issues relating to the use of cloud computing in law practice management.

“Virtual law practice is growing as attorneys and firms see the benefits of delivering legal services online.  This form of law practice management provides a competitive advantage, especially for solos and small firms, which is hard to ignore in the current legal marketplace.”

There are more and more innovations in the area of virtual law practice, where technology is used to benefit customer service and expand practices.  In the post Steph Kimbro showcase some of these innovative law practices and highlight how they use technology to benefit their customer service and expand their practices. Some of the examples are Field Fisher Waterhouse, “the UK branch of this law firm has operated a Second Life office for several years where clients and prospective clients may meet with an avatar of the firm’s IP partner online”, and Freelance Law Firm, where “solo practitioner Donna Seyle uses technology to provide resources for other attorneys and law firms in need of outsourcing legal services.”

The need for legal professionals to think outside the box when it comes to delivering legal services is also enhanced by Ron Friedmann of Prism Legal in his post ‘New vs. Old Thinking about the Legal Market’: “The evidence is that firms are differentiating now, that clients want alternative fees, that a wider range of suppliers (e.g., virtual firms, boutiques, and outsourcers) will prosper. “