VQ Legal mingle

VQ, TransLegal and Bolagsrätt Sundsvall arranged a mingle yesterday presenting the new intelligent legal solution with readymade standard documents for corporate registration matters – VQ Legal.

The mingle was directed to certain specially selected persons who received a presentation of VQ Legal under pleasant circumstances.

VQ Legal is developed by Virtual Intelligence VQ in cooperation with Bolagsrätt Sundsvall and TransLegal. It is a new intelligent and modern legal solution with readymade and updated standard documents for corporate registration matters.

Legal advisors make use of the VQ Legal tool by accessing a web interface and answering relevant questions, receiving accurate and quality assured documents that merge clauses and content in a timely way.

All documents are produced and quality-assured by Bolagsrätt Sundsvall and have English translations by TransLegal. By using VQ Legal a law firm or a legal department can get access to a know how database of template documents that are constantly kept up to date, without having to spend any internal legal resources. For more information, please see VQ Legal.

The VQ Legal iniative has been made by VQ as part of VQ’s mission to suppot legal advisors in streamlining their work, as some parts of a legal business can be standardized, in order to become more efficient and quality assured.  This is true of many different areas in legal practice especially document production. This kind of work is considered a new kind of legal career defined as ‘Legal Knowledge Engineer’ by Professor Richard Susskind.