AI stora samtalsämnet vid årets LegalWeek –

Förra veckan anordnades ett av världens största event inom teknikutveckling för jurister – LegalWeek The Legaltech Experience i New York – med över 10 000 deltagare, 200 talare under tre dagar och mer än 200 utställare. Helena Hallgarn och Ann Björk, Virtual Intelligence VQ, var på plats och rapporterade.

VQ:s sammanfattning har nu publicerats på

“LegalTech is often referred to as “the largest and most important legal technology event of the year” and it certainly is an enormous event, with over 10,000 delegates, a wide variety of seminars on legal tech developments and an exhibitor floor the size of a soccer field. For us, it is a good way to keep track of the trends and legal tech developments that will play an increasing role in the practice of law moving forward.

This year’s key words summarizing the event were Disruption – Innovation – Revolution. These three words were used to describe the state of the industry by Daniella Isaacson and Nicholas Bruch, ALM Intelligence, in the opening session and then repeated throughout the week. The number one buzz word was otherwise, not surprisingly, Artificial Intelligence (AI).”

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