Film about VQ Legal challenging the working methods

Today we launch the second of three commercials about our online solution VQ Legal and the topic “Challenge your working methods”. VQ Legal is a digital associate, a legal robot, who produces all legal documents needed for a specific matter upon the basic information provided by answering a few questions.

In this second commercial, we explain how VQ Legal challenges the traditional way of delegating work to junior associates when VQ Legal can produce the documents faster and with the same, or higher, quality. With VQ Legal, the partner or senior associate can produce the documents on their own, even during the client meeting. Or why not let the client handle parts of the matter directly with the assistance of VQ Legal?

9 of the 10 largest law firms in Sweden, many in-house counsels and auditing firms, are already customers. With this campaign we aim to challenge more legal professionals to change their working methods by using VQ Legal.

See also the first commercial, where we explain how VQ Legal quality-assures the work, thereby giving the lawyer time for more qualified tasks, here: