Legal Tech Essentials – Bucerius Law School Summer Program

Today we are excited for the kick off of the Bucerius Legal Tech Essentials (the Bucerius Law School Summer Program in Legal Tech made available online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic). It’s such an amazing initiative to offer this educational experience with the lecturers that would normally have been on the campus!

Every weekday from today and until early August, we look forward to participate in inspirational seminars hosted by some of the world’s leading legal technology and operations experts.

The first presentation was made by Professor Dan Katz and focused on Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics with a run through of machine learning and aspects such as prediction of contract terms, legal semantics, data driven compliance and prediction of case outcomes and costs, and the key indicators that would render a document relevant by a machine.

Looking forward to digging more deeply into this over the next six weeks!