New book on Law Firm KM published with VQ as contributor

The book “Practical Strategies for Effective Law Firm Knowledge Management” is now published and available to purchase at This international anthology consists of various contributors that provide an overview of the current state of KM in The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, UK and USA. One of the contributors is Swedish law firm consultants Virtual Intelligence VQ.

The aim of this book is to open discussion on how law firms can best be supported by Knowledge Management, to which the research from the different countries provided in the book provides useful input.

In the first chapter, Martin Apistola, a Dutch researcher and the compilator ot the book, summarizes the main results and conclusions of his PhD-research addressing the way lawyers in a number of large Dutch law firms manage their knowledge.

In the second chapter you will learn how the legal market is changing, the impact on law firms by new legal service providers and how knowledge management is of vital importance for the future survival of law firms. The two Swedish law firm consultantsAnn Björk and Helena Hallgarn from Virtual Intelligence VQ, provide their insights on different knowledge management strategies and models to support the core business of each law firm, depending on the law firm’s business focus, and how each firm can achieve competitive advantages by the right use of technology in line with the chosen knowledge management strategy. Additionally, they examine organizational strategies to create a knowledge sharing culture and business support, as well as the consequences for the law firm structure depending on the adapted knowledge management approach.

Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer at White & Case, and Sally Gonzalez, HBR Consulting, then discuss how developing a KM strategy tailored for your firm, can clearly articulate your firm’s current and future KM priorities, articulate the expected business benefits and create plans of action for those priorities.

In the fourth chapter, Jon Beaumont, Head of Knowledge Management at Harvey Ingram, with colleagues, provide a practical analysis of the past five years of KM at the law firm and examine the theory behind their decisions, achievements and difficulties.

Isabel Casas, Head of Knowledge Management at a Spanish law firm, looks in her chapter at the most common individual and collective challenges facing law firms and provides her experience on the knowledge sharing process.

For more information about this book, please see this link: “Practical Strategies for Effective Law Firm Knowledge Management”