Favorite takeaways from VQ Forum 2018 – CSI Blog

CSI Helsinki partnered with us to arrange VQ Forum in October. Now Country Manager John Raunio has written a recap of the day. Some of his favorite takeaways were illustrated in the picture above, i.e:

Learning – Make learning a priority. The world is changing faster all the time, and if we do not allocate time for learning new things each week, we risk getting run over by others.

Process development – Develop processes and project management skills. Improving the law firm’s processes and project management skills should result in a positive outcome. The client can expect to get more value, efficiency and predictability, as better processes enable better communication and more time for learning, e.g. about client’s business.

New tech step by step – Choose evolution rather than revolution when adapting new technologies. Start small when adapting new tech. This was emphasized by many of the speakers. Change is hard when we try to go all in right away. This is one of the reasons why many companies are unable to change in the desired direction; it’s simply too big of a step to take.

KM and project management skills  – Facilitate effective communication and knowledge sharing. Communication in the form of sharing and collaboration should ideally be encouraged and even incentivised. There are many tools available. It’s only a question of finding the right ones that support the firm’s needs in the best way. This will be a crucial factor for the future law firms.

Clear strategy – Strategy is one of the corner stones for business management. How does your firm differ from others on the market, what is the vision for the firm and where do you want to be in the future? Make sure your company has a clear strategy, which all your efforts, such as skills development, process development and technology investments should support effectively.

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