2021 Predictions: The Market View – Artificial Lawyer

What will 2021 bring? Artificial Lawyer asked a range of experts, including VQ Founders Ann Björk and Helena Hallgarn, what they think will happen next.

What a year it has been! Even beyond the impacts of the pandemic there have been plenty of significant changes in the legal tech sector and across the legal world as a whole. But what of next year?

Here are VQ’s thoughts:

“This year has brought fundamental changes to legal workspaces. Looking into the future, post-COVID, we see that this trend will continue with employees working remotely and with only a few work spaces available at the headquarter office. This means that we will expect all tools and platforms necessary for the legal work to be accessible from any location and that we no longer will differentiate between digital solutions and other work or support tools. They will all simply be solutions.

Consequently, we will also see a change from professional roles as ‘Head of digital (solutions)’ to ‘Head of business development’ with a focus on what the business as a whole will deliver, not on the technical aspects as such. The key question 2021 will be what kind of services and solutions your company or law firm will deliver in the future.”

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