STHLM Tech Fest 2018

Today VQ attended STHLM Tech Fest 2018 with topics covering the future of AI, VR, gaming, finance and even living. So trying to cover practically everything in a day… Good key note with Google’s Chief Decision Scientist Cassie Kozyrkov though, taking it back to the basics when talking about failures in machine learning.

”Machine learning seems to be used as a synonym to magic, when in fact it is simply an approach to labelling things. But the exciting part is that it gives us the possibility to communicate with machines via examples in addition to instructions, i.e. to automate the ineffable. You just have to know which approach to use. Most businesses don’t understand the difference and uses microwave engineers to create culinary experiences.”

A really good summary of Cassie Kozyrkov’s speech is also available in Swedish in this article by Joakim Arstad Djurberg in Computer Sweden: ”En kock, en ingenjör och en ledare – så fixar du en bra AI-soppa enligt Google”

To simplify Cassie Kozyrkov’s  message, it is too much focus on the technical aspects and too little on how and why to use it that is the main reason for machine learning failures.