Legaltech Italia Interview with Helena Hallgarn

Legaltech Italia recently interviewed VQ co-founder Helena Hallgarn about her views on legaltech and why innovation and technology are important in the legal sector.

Helena inter alia discussed how we need to make law more accessible and also more affordable by the use of technology, but how she, from a Scandinavian perspective, believes there is too much focus on tech solutions, its possibilities and how lawyers should change their working methods. In Sweden we are really good at tech in general and also at legal tech, with a lot of innovative people and companies. Since anyone can practice law in Sweden (there is no regulation of legal services) we now have a great opportunity in developing new innovative legal solutions.

Hence, we should move on now and change our focus towards the customer and build legal solutions instead. That would be much more promising.

Read the full interview here: Interview with Helena Hallgarn, an ELTA Board Member